Early Education


    Private Schools Atlanta K-12: co-curricular classes

    In classrooms, performance halls, art studios and more across metro Atlanta, you’ll find students furthering their academic learning through complimentary co-curricular courses and activities created to encourage them to discover their passions and apply their knowledge. read more


    K-12 Metro Atlanta Schools-The Coach’s Perspective

    Athletic directors & coaches at private schools in the Metro Atlanta area recognize the importance of K-12 sports as a catalyst for students to grow and prosper while learning life’s lessons about winning and losing. Here from top Atlanta area private schools on their advice for your student read more

  • ATL Private Schools: The Year in Photos

    As many metro Atlanta private schools returned to in-person learning, they found ways to provide the normalcy that kids, teachers (and even parents) craved, blending the traditional offerings that students love with new and unique learning opportunities amid the ongoing pandemic. read more


    Elementary Atlanta Private School Selection

    From schools that offer elementary education exclusively to those that have elementary grades as part of their K-8 or K-12 systems, these schools offer flexibility in their programs and a chance for students to experience a unique education, captivating them as they grow and develop throughout their school years read more