A Guide to Your New Home Build

A Guide to Your New Home Build

If you’re new to having a new home built, then you may not know what to expect as the process progresses. And that is exactly what it is: a process. Fortunately, Atlanta is replete with exceptional homebuilders who understand the ins and outs of home construction, particularly in the metro area. So KNOWAtlanta Magazine asked a number of local homebuilders what you should anticipate during the homebuilding process. Here’s what they had to say.

Q: How long does it take to build a new home in metro Atlanta?

A: The consensus among the builders we spoke to—Eastwood Homes, Lennar Homes, Paran Homes, The Providence Group and SR Homes—is that the homebuilding process normally takes four to six months. Of course, delays can extend that timeframe.

Q: What kinds of challenges or delays can home buyers expect during the homebuilding process?

A: According to Michael Rosenberg, president of Paran Homes, “Permitting delays are sometimes common depending on municipalities.” Jeff Causey and Robert Matthews, both vice presidents with SR Homes, agree, stating that municipality and code compliance changes can hinder a construction project; they also reveal that labor availability fluctuations and supplier resource issues could cause delays.

Of course, as New Home Consultant Melinda Raines with Lennar Homes reveals, “Weather is typically the number one reason for a delay, but usually not more than a week or two.” Fortunately, metro Atlanta’s mild and relatively dry climate allows for year-round construction. Meghan Rice, production manager for The Providence Group, does say that getting ahead of the winter months is always a plus when it comes to laying the foundation of a new home.

Q: Who are the main individuals with which home buyers will work during the process?

A: The professional titles may vary by builder, but there will be a number of people to whom you’ll speak during the construction process. You can expect to be in touch with an onsite sales professional or agent, a lender, a project manager (or an onsite builder or construction supervisor), a design specialist and a closing manager or coordinator.

Q: What are the major steps or milestones that buyers should look for as their home is under construction?

A: While every homebuilder approaches construction methods and procedures in their own exclusive way, there are similarities when it comes to the overall building process. Be prepared for any of the following steps:

  • Permitting, which is handled by the builder
  • A pre-construction meeting to discuss the lot configuration, home plans and more
  • A design selection meeting to make interior and exterior design selections
  • A pre-drywall meeting that takes place after the framing goes up
  • A homeowner orientation, which takes place close to the end of construction
  • A final walk-through
  • Closing and move in

Q: What’s the best way for home buyers to keep track of the construction process?

A: Steve Atchison, division president for Eastwood Homes, advises, “Schedule visits to the job site with your onsite builder and reach out to your builder whenever you have a question regarding your home. Your builder should be very happy to answer your questions.”

Q: What should new home buyers know most about the home building process?

A: According to Causey and Matthews, “Buyers should know and understand that the journey to their dream home’s completion will not travel the path of an enclosed manufacturing facility. Buyers experience these realizations at different times during the build.” What’s more, as Raines concludes, “No two homes are ever alike! Each home has its own personality and uniqueness about it, just like the homeowner-to-be.” So, do your research, ask questions and follow along closely on the adventure of a lifetime to owning a brand new home.