Atlanta Speech School

Uniquely focused on comprehensive literacy, the programs of the Atlanta Speech School are dedicated to the construction of the reading brain. The campus encompasses four schools, including three pre-schools:

Katherine Hamm Center-Partnering with families of children who are deaf or hard of hearing to develop strong foundations for communication and reading through listening and spoken language.  (A preschool for children who are deaf or hard of hearing.  Age birth to PreK.

Stepping Stones,-Creating pathways to success for preschool-aged children experiencing speech and/or language delays. (A preschool for children who have speech or language delays.  Age 3-Kindergarten)

Anne & Jim Kenan-Developing remarkably ready learners. (A preschool for children who are typical learners.  Age 2-Kindergarten)

In addition, the Wardlaw School-Preparing bright children with dyslexia for the traditional classroom and beyond. (Elementary students who have dyslexia.  K-5th or 6th)

The Speech School’s reach extends beyond the campus through the Rollins Center for Language and Literacy which, with more than 100 partners including healthcare agencies and school districts, furthers literacy through coaching, professional learning and, with the free Cox Campus, online learning.


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