Metro Atlanta Universities' STEM Programs

    As science, technology, engineering and math fields advance at mind-numbing speeds, educators know K-12 STEM instruction is critical in that tomorrow’s leaders must master these topics. While all of Georgia’s colleges and universities recognize the importance of STEM education at the collegiate level, many of them are working to promote STEM at the K-12 level as well, upgrading programs, initiatives and offerings to K-12 students and teachers. read more


    The MBA Advantage in Metro Atlanta

    Atlanta boasts many colleges and universities that offer robust MBA programs geared towards busy workers seeking to redefine their goals and abilities—and kick their earning potential into high gear. Here, we’ve cultivated a list of some of the best programs in the city. read more


    Atlanta Colleges:The Freshman Experience

    Atlanta’s local universities and colleges offer programs, initiatives and opportunities designed with freshmen in mind. read more